Generating more positive online reviews will help

boost your local ranking and convert more leads to 5-star customers.

Almost every adult consumer in the United States is online. Smartphones, tablets, desktops and even smart watches allow a person to research and review businesses online anytime and from almost anywhere. They may be using multiple devices but 97% of consumers are starting with search engines. So no matter what you are selling, you’ll find your prospective customers are on search engines and knowing where your audience is you can concentrate your marketing dollars and lead generation tools on the websites and networks your potential customers are using.

Leverage the Power of Real Customer Feedback Into a 5 Star Reputation

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Ready to know what your customers think about your business online?

Without real customer feedback and a positive online reputation, each dollar spent on marketing/advertising is basically just a donation.  Why spend good money on strategies that will point your potential customer straight to your negative online reviews, or lack of reviews altogether? Isn’t it time you start thinking about your reputation?

Take control of your online reputation, and maximize every opportunity to increase positive online reviews.


  • 97% of consumers use the internet when researching local products & services
  • 77% of smartphone users contact a business after looking for local information
  • 59% of mobile users who look for local information visit the business on the same day

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We are all guilty of routinely sorting through search results by customer star ratings and scrolling through buyer feedback before making a final purchasing decision.  The way consumers make decisions has dramatically changed over the last decade. We’re in a store, and use our smartphones to compare prices and product reviews. Our family and friends instantly weigh in via social media.  

With reviews already such an important part of today’s buying process, it’s easy to see how reliance on them will only increase in the future.  So, how can merchants evolve moving forward to support the ever-growing demand for online reviews and efficiently manage the entire process?  Partner with JPheeny to get the most powerful & yet simple way to turn customer feedback into 5-star reviews, champion referrals, and new revenue opportunities!  On a side note, if enough good reviews show up online it will most likely bury any negative feedback that may be out there on popular sites like Facebook, or Google+.

Ask for your customer’s feedback & use intelligent routing

based on their good or bad review to manage your reputation.

If their review is negative (3-stars or less) we route the customer directly to a detailed feedback form then send them via text notification and email to your attention for resolution before it makes it to the internet. But that’s not all, when your customers leave a review that is positive (4-stars or better) we send them to your branded thank you page, and help them post their good feedback to those same popular review listing sites.

  • Company Branded Page
  • Provides Easy Review Sites Access
  • Male / Female Unbranded Video
  • Fully Mobile Responsive
  • Ability To Edit Page Content